The Red Veil Belly Dance



Vintage Yasmin


  This message is to all the beautiful women that I have had the honor and pleasure of knowing and dancing with over the last ten years. I wanted to let you know that I have decided to retire from  teaching belly dance.

This is major for me because it’s been one of the most wonderful experiences of my life; sharing this beautiful art and performing at so many venues and stages with you. Some things may not change right away; an invitation or opportunity to dance may arise every now and then. I’ll probably REALLY want to do it – and maybe ask you to join me because as you know…belly dance is my bliss and I can’t simply just leave it behind…

So, I wanted you to know. Classes will continue only through October 31st, Halloween. How befitting! If you can manage it, I would love to see you one last time before The Red Veil Belly Dance classes come to an end. For the time being, we are still at Impulse Dance Studios on Saturday mornings, but again our last day is the October 31st class at 9:00am. I haven’t decided on the Meet-Ups as yet.

I will miss seeing you in classes, however a new chapter in my life is looming and a decision had to be made. Be well, my belly dancing friends and hopefully I’ll get a last hug from you very soon.

~Janine Bartice-Kushman
(aka Yasmin Najibah Rahimateh al Iamar)


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